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Components Coolers, fans Fans SUPERMICRO 1U, 40x40x56mm, (4-pin) 12K/11K RPM PWM Fan, SC815's, PB Free

SUPERMICRO 1U, 40x40x56mm, (4-pin) 12K/11K RPM PWM Fan, SC815's, PB Free

Velikost: 40mm Rychlost: 12,000 / 11,000 RPM Hlučnost: 56 dBA Průtok vzduchu: 24 CFM Kontentor: 4 pin

Kód produktu 206.039603
Part number FAN-0086L4
Výrobce Supermicro
Dostupnost Na dotaz
Záruka 24 měsíců
Uvedená cena je včetně veškerých zákonných poplatků
529 Kč bez DPH
640 Kč s DPH

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Server processors can often reach very high TDP values (Thermal Design Power), which is why the choice of an appropriate cooler is also an important parameter. It takes care of removing hot air from the surface of the processor and prevents overheating. Going over optimal temperatures could lead to a shutdown of the server.

Coolers are precisely manufactured and tested by the Supermicro company and are certified for certain processor sockets. It's also good to consider the chassis you're going to place the cooler into, different server sizes can be incompatible with different coolers.

In case of any ambiguities when choosing a cooler don't hesitate to contact our sales department for free pre-sales support.

Product Specifications

Diameter: 40mm
RPM: 12,000 / 11,000 RPM
Noise: 56 dBA
Airflow: 24 CFM
Connector: 4 pin

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  1. Jediný integrátor Supermicro v ČR, SK a PL
  2. Osobní přístup a servery na míru
  3. NBD záruky on-site
  4. Hosting, VPS a IT infrastruktura
  5. Pre-sales & After-sales podpora