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Components Hard drives (HDD and SSD) Server SSD Intel DC S4500 Intel SSD 2,5" 1.9TB Intel DC S4500 SATAIII OEM 3D1 TLC - SSDSC2KB019T7

Intel SSD 2,5" 1.9TB Intel DC S4500 SATAIII OEM 3D1 TLC - SSDSC2KB019T7

Kód produktu 227.348125
Part number SSDSC2KB019T701
Výrobce Intel
Dostupnost Na dotaz
Záruka 60 měsíců
Uvedená cena je včetně veškerých zákonných poplatků
17 710 Kč bez DPH
21 429 Kč s DPH

Podrobné informace

End of Life product, the price is only informative, we’ve prepared this alternative for you:

Intel DC S4510



SSDs, or disks with flash memories don't yet reach such high capacities as traditional HDDs. Their undeniable advantages are however their high read/write speed and lower latency. Their lifetimes are basically equal to those of traditional hard drives nowadays, however, it's important to choose the correct key DWPD value (no. of rewrites of the total capacity of the disk within one day).


When choosing a hard drive it's important to consider the choice of SATA, SAS, or NVMe disks. SATA and SAS disks are intended for both HDDs and SSDs and differ in their theoretical transfer speeds. NVMe disks are flash-based only and as such reach much higher read/write numbers and are also characterized by their very low latency.

Speed and Capacity

A key parameter in terms of hard drives is their RPM, which ranges between 5400 and 15000. This directly influences the speed of the drive and with that, its price. Today, more and more HDDs are being replaced by SSD solutions. SSDs are many times faster and their prices are starting to get closer to those of traditional HDDs. Their access times are also often faster and there's no wear when reading from the flash memory. The newest standard, NVMe, increases the quality of disks with flash memories even more and more hard drive manufacturers are starting to use it.

Product Specifications

Capacity: 1,9 TB
Form Factor : 2.5"
Performance: 500 MBps (čtení) / 490 MBps (zápis)
4KB Random read: 72000 IOPS
4KB Random write: 33000 IOPS
Endurance: 3270TBW


Formát disku SSD 2,5"
Kapacita v GB 1900
Rychlost čtení 500 MB/s
Rychlost zápisu 490 MB/s
Sběrnice SATA
Technologie TLC

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